Thursday, 10 July 2008

Brian White talks about his recovery

"I wanted to do this film", says Brian, "to try to help others as I progress through my recovery. It was hard to do as I still feel embarrassed about my past, I'm so glad that I'm not like I used to be anymore! Even watching the film back for the first time today was a little strange, it only seems like 5 minutes ago that I was still using heroin".

"I've recently had my personal story published on Wired In's 'Our Community', and within a day had some amazing feedback by someone leaving a comment saying that they had gone through a similar time in their lives, and reading my story had inspired them to get help. That tells me that it doesn't matter if I find it hard to talk about my past on a website such as Wired In's, because it's helping other people. That's all the encouragement I need!" 

I hope you enjoy "Reflection on my journey into recovery". Please leave any comments or questions you might have.

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