Sunday, 18 May 2008

Mark's Story - YouTube launch

Today, we are launching the filmed Personal Story of Mark Saunders, which was also filmed and produced by Jonathan Kerr-Smith. During this 12 minute film (in 3 parts), Mark describes his descent into addiction, the impact that his drug use had on his life, and how he found recovery.

We are extremely proud to see how far Mark has come since the making of this first Wired In film in 2005. His confidence has increased in leaps and bounds, and he is a true inspiration to others that addiction can be overcome and people can go on to live a happy and meaningful life.

Mark continues to be a treasured member of the Wired In team. He thrives on helping others who are affected by substance use problems – his energy, enthusiasm and passion are a joy to see. Mark currently works for SMUG (Substance Misuse User Group) as their Caerphilly rep, where he engages with individuals and groups who are affected by addiction. He also works with local drug services, such as DRUGAID, to try and progress service user involvement. 

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