Sunday, 1 June 2008

'Life as a heroin addict' - You Tube launch

Last summer, Wired In grabbed the camera and went to speak to some service users about their experiences with addiction, treatment and recovery. We were blown away by the footage we got, and the enthusiasm that our ‘film stars’ demonstrated.


Initially we were a bit concerned with whether people would want to be filmed – but our concerns were certainly not met!!! In fact, at one point we had people queuing out the door wanting to get involved!!


Once the footage had been edited we met up with the service users again and showed them their film clips – their reactions were fantastic. Although some of the footage was hard for them to watch, they were all really pleased with what they had achieved. They were really excited to have the opportunity to educate others about addiction, treatment and recovery, and they hoped that others would learn from their experiences.


The amount of material that we got in just three days was astounding. We decided to cut the footage up into bite size sections covering the topics that the service users felt were the most important. Over the coming weeks we will be showing you this material.


This week, we start by introducing you to the service users. We will also be showing you a section where heroin use is discussed, in particular, the reasons that people start using heroin in the first place and then why that usage escalates into addiction.

So sit back and enjoy-

P.S. If you have a fast connection and would like to watch the film in a higher quality then use these links- 

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